Hot selling 6v 4LR25 super alkaline battery 10000mah capacity in high performance

Model:4LR25 4LR25X Alkaline Battery 4LR25-2/4R25-2/LR820
Voltage: 6V
Model: Alkaline
Dimensions: 13.4cm x 71cm x 12.5cm

Product Description
-Compatible with Varta V540, Duracell PC926
-Dry battery
-Performance is 5 times higher than a conventional zinc-carbon battery.

Technical data:
-Type: Alkaline
-Voltage: 6V
-Equivalences: V540, 6F100

Normal voltage:6V
Type:Alkaline battery
End voltage:3.6V
Weight: about 610g
Thickness :     68.5±0.1mm      
Running time: 2,400 minutes
Shelf Life:5years
Application: Barrier lights, industrial equipment, remote control, flashlight, LED lights, candle lights, electric toothbrushes, electric eyelash curler, bank password, shouting microphone, laser pointer, wireless mouse and keyboard, calculator, multimeter, Electric tools, electric toys, all kinds of instruments, meters, medical equipment, massage machines, handheld game consoles, light sticks, fingerprint locks, razors, digital cameras, blood glucose meters, smoke alarms, microphones, Alarm clock