This type of lithium battery can be customized, series, parallel, wire, terminal, soldering tip, T-head, etc. Please feel free to ask for custom requirements. Thank you!

Brand: CUNVA
Model: CR14505 3V Li-MonO2 battery
Rated capacity: 1500mAh
Rated voltage: 3V
Max. Continuous current: 1500mA
Maximum pulse power: 3000mA
Storage (recommended): max. 30℃
Operating Temperature Range: ﹣ 40℃~+85℃
Weight: 19g
Dimensions: 14.5*50.5mm

1. Shelf life: 10 years.
2. Shelf life: ≥ 10 years, annual yield ≤ 1%
3. UL & ROSH approved.

Application: meters, GPS tracking, cameras, memory backup, real-time clock, automotive electronics, alarm or security equipment, oil exploration, military radio communications and other electrical devices.